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Air Force birthday reflections

  • Published
  • By Maj. Mary King
  • 375th Communications Support Squadron commander
On Sept. 18, 1947 under the National Security Act of 1947, the United States Air Force was formed as a separate service from the United States Army. Just recently we celebrated the Air Force's 65 years as a separate service defending our nation. Every year around our birthday we reflect on the contributions the Air Force has given to our nation. As I look back on the 12 years I've had the honor and privilege to serve in the Air Force two things stand out, the changes in technology and the true constant of being able to serve with outstanding men and women.

In this year's birthday address by Secretary Donley, General Welsh, and CMSAF Roy, our senior leaders noted that the Air Force has embraced the technology that continues to revolutionize our capabilities in air, space, and cyberspace. Sixty-five years ago, then Capt. Chuck Yeager made the first faster-than-sound flight, in a rocket powered research plane. Just last weekend, we had an outstanding air show with a multitude of aircraft that have the capability to break the sound barrier.

During my short time in the Air Force, I have the privilege of working in a field were the only constant is change. When I came in, cyber was not part of the Air Force mission statement but communications was everywhere. Now, cyber is part of the Air Force's mission and an integral part of combat mission planning. Starting off as a communications officer, the Air Force recognized the changes in technology and adapted to those changes and began to train cyber warriors while sustaining core communications systems.

An integral part of what makes our Air Force a premier service is the people. As our senior leaders stated in their birthday addresses, the Air Force can take pride that our service culture promotes and benefits from the know-how, determination, and commitment of a diverse group of men and women. The men and women I have the opportunity to work with are truly superior and contribute to what makes our Air Force great. This dates back to my first assignment at Andrews Air Force Base and each subsequent assignment following. Each and every day, I get the honor to work with an outstanding group of individuals who give their all for the mission ... and have never failed to answer our nation's call.

Regardless of the service we are in, whether we are military, civilian, spouse, dependent, contractor, or NAF worker, each of us contribute to what makes our Air Force, the best air force in the world.