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Wing Commander Q&A: Performance feedbacks, Traffic signs and Traffic allieviation

  • Published
  • By Col. Laura Lenderman
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Commander

Please keep the questions coming!



Why are we required to provide copies of performance feedbacks when routing performance reports in vPC?

Great question! Performance feedback is a critical responsibility of all supervisors, and in accordance with AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, feedback is documented on the Airman Comprehensive Assessment form. The AFI requires that the midterm ACA is routed with the performance evaluation (OPR/EPR); however, vPC does not have a secure method to control access to the ACA.

We anticipate vPC will have the capability to limit access to the ACA form in the future, but until that time, AMC/A1 confirmed that we can develop local procedures to comply with the provisions of the AFI and ensure privacy between the rater and the ratee. Consequently, squadrons and groups have developed their own secure process for routing and handling of ACAs that is consistent with the intent of the AFI. Thank you again for your question.



I’ve seen a skunk multiple times on the grounds surrounding Bldg 1600 (AMC). Is there any way to trap and move this skunk to an area away from people?

Yes, absolutely! We routinely respond to “nuisance” animals on the installation and have forwarded your request to our Civil Engineering Squadron’s Pest Management experts for action. If you have any similar problems in the future, please contact them at 256-2617.


Why doesn’t the parking lot behind Bldg 1600 (AMC) have a stop sign or a yield sign for the exit onto W. Martin Street? That specific space is a high traffic area for personnel driving or walking to/from both the AMC and SDDC buildings. I feel the lack of a stop sign or yield sign is a safety hazard.

Thank you very much for bringing your safety concern to our attention. Here at Scott we follow the Federal Highway Administration’s guidance for the installation of STOP signs and other traffic control devices on the installation. Unfortunately, this particular intersection does not meet any of the conditions listed in the guidance to warrant installing a STOP sign. However, Illinois State Law does require all vehicles to come to a complete stop when exiting a parking lot onto a roadway, and all personnel should perform a full stop prior to entering roadways.

We do recognize this intersection as a high traffic area, and we do our best to concentrate police patrols there, especially during periods of high foot-traffic such as the morning and lunch rushes. In addition, our Traffic Safety Coordination Group routinely studies traffic and incidents along this route to make recommendations or implement mitigation measures, controls, or policy/procedural guidance changes when required. I hope this answers your question. If you have any other safety concerns, please let us know.


Recently, the Belleville Gate was so backed up that people were turning around, and I’m concerned that the congestion will cause accidents. Will you please increase manning at the gates? Also, will you consider opening the Mascoutah Gate for two hours each morning and evening?

Thank you for sharing your questions and concerns. We understand the traffic delay at our gates in the morning is frustrating, especially lately. We recently began a long-overdue project to repair and reseal parts of Scott Drive which is causing delays at both gates. In order to relieve congestion during this project, we’re opening Patriot’s Landing Gate May 10-12 from 6-8 a.m. for inbound traffic and 3-5 p.m. for outbound traffic.

We’re looking at other options to alleviate traffic congestion during this project, and we’ll share the details as they develop. Regarding your questions about increasing manning at the gates and opening Mascoutah Gate during peak hours, I asked the same questions when I first arrived at Scott AFB in 2015. I learned that our Security Forces Team works very hard to balance the need to ensure adequate traffic flow and ensure the security of the installation.

We are able to open the Mascoutah Gate under certain circumstances; however, due to our security forces manning, we typically open Belleville, Shiloh, Scott Elementary School Gate, and Mid-America Gate (or Temp Shiloh as conditions require) on a day-to-day basis. As an additional level of service, volunteers from the base populace assist our Security Forces team with checking IDs at the gate to help ease congestion and ensure smooth traffic flow. If anyone is interested in volunteering to help at our gates, please contact Master Sgt. Greg Riley at 256-6157.