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Holiday safety tips from wing safety

  • Published
  • By 375th Safety Office
  • 375th Safety Office


Examine needles to ensure freshness and that they don’t easily fall off. Cut off two inches of the trunk and mount in a sturdy water holding stand. Keep away from heat sources, and do not block stairs or doorways.

Artificial trees should bear the UL label, and you should never use electric lights on metal trees. Spotlights should be mounted above or below the tree. Plastic trees should be made of fire resistant material, and as always, keep away from heat sources.



Use only UL approved lighting and inspect for broken or cracked sockets and frayed wires. Do not use indoor lights outdoors or vice-versa. Do not overload extension cords; outlets should be readily accessible for quick disconnection. Never use lighted candles on or near a tree or other decorations and ensure you turn off holiday lights when you retire or leave home. Outdoor lights should be weatherproof and clearly identified as designed for outdoor use.

In regards to tree ornaments, be aware of toxic decorations that include: Mistletoe and Holly Berries (poisonous), Old Tinsel (may contain lead), and Fire Salts (contain heavy metals).



Prepare your vehicle by winterizing it. Carry a survival kit and avoid excessive speeds, drinking and driving, and driving while fatigued.

Prepare yourself by dressing properly during the winter months. Never become overconfident in your ability to deal with the dangers of the cold temperatures. While walking or jogging stay as far off the roadway as possible, wear bright colored clothes, wear a reflective belt/vest, and carry a flashlight or chemical stick.