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Airman represents Air Force in horse competition, wins first place

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Violette Hosack, 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs Office

Representing the Air Force, Capt. Magin Day, 375th Operational Medicine Readiness Squadron flight commander, won first place in a novice horse competition at Ballwin, Missouri, June 10, 2023.

Day competed against six other challengers in the 2023 Queeny Park Equestrian Events Horse Trials. Competing in her uniform, this was the first event where Day was representing the military at a national level. Throughout the competition, people told her of their military experience or how they wanted to join.

“I'm really thankful for the opportunity to represent the Air Force,” said Day. “The conversations that it started were phenomenal. There was an individual who was in the stall across from us that had seen me in my uniform and had said ‘I always wanted to join the military, I hope my mom sees you, she'd be so proud’”

Being able to compete at this level has been the result of a long journey for Day.

For as long as Day could remember, she has always had a deep love for horses. As a young girl, her family wasn’t in a position to care for a horse, but she was determined to be around them.

“My family moved around a lot when I was growing up,” said Day. “Wherever we lived, I would ferret out the nearest barn, just anything with horses, and I would ride my bike there and pet the horses through the fence. I would do that until basically somebody at the farm noticed me and they would inevitably invite me in to see their horses. I think at one point I was riding my bike probably three or four miles each way to the barn. Eventually I started cleaning stalls so I could ride and it kind of progressed from there.”

Finally ready to start competing, Day searched to find the perfect horse.

For three months, she searched to no avail. Her trainer had heard of a horse that she thought would be a great fit for Day, but he wasn't for sale. After talking with the owner and explaining how well they would mesh together, she had found him—Rumor.

“He was confident, obedient and relaxed,” said Day. “He was perfect in every way.”

During the competition, Rumor was able to execute everything Day was telling him through his reigns and stirrups. Nothing was missed and he followed every direction Day wanted him to make. With their teamwork and strong bond together, they walked away with the top prize in the Beginner Novice Open A category.

“It was phenomenal, this was the first time that I think everything really came together for us in a way where we gelled.”

When asked about what's next, Day explained she got the score to qualify her for the American Eventing Championships. It’s being held in Lexington, Kentucky at the Rollex Stadium this fall.