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Filing claims from the Aug. 12 flooding

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- Claims for damage to personal property (vehicles, household goods, and other personally-owned property) caused by the rain and flash flood event at Scott Air Force Base on 12 August 2020 may be reimbursable under private personal property insurance. Certain claims may also be reimbursable under the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees’ Claims Act (“PCA”). The PCA was enacted by Congress to lessen the hardships of military life by providing payment for certain types of property loss, although the PCA is not intended to make the United States a total insurer of personal property.

In general, the following is required to substantiate claims under the PCA:

  • A loss or damage incident to service, such as damage to personal property of United States Government military and civilian personnel on a military installation or in military housing (Government-owned or privatized).
  • The loss or damage is not reimbursable through private insurance.
  • The claim is substantiated by evidence, such as evidence of a weather event, descriptions (written, photo, and/or video) of loss or damage caused by the event, and evidence of the value of the loss or  damage.

The Air Force Claims Service Center (AFCSC) is the military claims office for the Air Force and determines whether particular claims are reimbursable. To submit PCA claims with the AFCSC, please submit your claim online at Receipt of claims may be confirmed by calling the AFCSC at (937) 656-8044 / DSN 986-8044

Claimants should submit only one claim covering all potentially reimbursable loss or damage associated a single event. Claims must be submitted within two years of the date of the event. Additional questions may be directed to the AFCSC at (937) 656-8044 / DSN 986-8044, or the 375 AMW/JA Legal Office at (618) 256-3542 / DSN 576-3542.

Finally, there has been some confusion generated by the last message for claimants from other services. Only AF members can file their damage claims with the Air Force Claims Service Center. Members of other services must file with their respective claims offices. Anyone who isn’t sure who they should file their claim with can reach out to the Air Force Claims Service Center at, and the AF Claims Service Center will point them in the right direction.