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Halloween safety tips

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- With Halloween around the corner everybody is stocking up on candy and costumes for the big evening.  As children are filling the streets going door to door in search of their favorite sweet delicacies we need to remember to keep it safe.  Some great ways to avoid an accident are:

· Ensure children know the basics of traffic safety. (i.e. look both ways before crossing the street, walk against the flow of traffic if a sidewalk is unavailable, etc.) The best bet is to accompany children while they’re trick-or-treating.

· When planning costume design it’s a good idea to incorporate reflective material and/or bright colored material to the costume.

· Inspect candies brought home to make sure there’s no suspicious pieces that may have been tampered with; and also nothing that could impose a choking hazard for the younger kids.

· While driving take extra time to get where you are going and be extra vigilant for children running out into the street or crossing the road. Make sure you are driving sober!

Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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