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General Miller engages AMC senior leaders at Phoenix Rally

  • Published
  • By Maj. Jonathan D. Simmons
  • Air Mobility Command Public Affairs

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – Approximately 100 commanders, command chiefs, their spouses and AMC directors attended Air Mobility Command’s 2018 Fall Phoenix Rally conference Oct. 17 - 18, here. 

This round of Phoenix Rally was focused on the future of the command, its missions and how AMC fits into the latest National Defense Strategy.

"It is important to take stock in who we are, where we've been, and where we need to evolve to outpace the threats of tomorrow,” said Gen. Maryanne Miller, AMC commander. “We need to understand, mitigate, and reduce future threats and dilemmas. We have a responsibility to position the force to fight and win in the contested environments of today and tomorrow. We will work to advance training and give Airmen the tools they need to fight and win in any environment."

Attendees noted Miller’s focus on Airmen and on the future threat environments as outlined in the NDS.

 “This Rally was about our Airmen,” said Lowe. “It was a collaboration between the AMC commander, commanders, chiefs, and directors, aimed at shaping the collective focus on how we will ensure our Airmen are ready to deliver rapid global mobility in ways that meets the goals of our NDS.”

Phoenix Rally serves as AMC’s summit, creating relevant dialogue amongst the command’s most senior leaders across the Total Force in order to ensure unity of purpose nourished by a diversity of thought throughout AMC’s 107,000-member active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and civilian force. 

“For us coming from overseas it’s good to hear the commander’s intent and vision for the future and to have meaningful discussion with teammates,” said Col. Bradley Spears, 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing commander, who is stationed in Germany.

Some attendees expressed the forum enabled an opportunity to discuss challenges the mobility force faces and the commitment to addressing warfighter needs.

“Just like every commander before us, our command faces significant challenges from geo politics to funding,” said Col. Stephen Snelson, 6th Air Mobility Wing commander. “Between our command teams, including commanders, chiefs and spouses, there’s nothing this group can’t take on.”  

The conference engaged not only commanders and command chiefs, but also their spouses, an important component of the team.

“My biggest takeaway is building connections and learning from each other,” said Ms. Barbara Olson, spouse of the 22nd Air Refueling Wing commander, after attending several collaborative sessions covering topics like professional license reciprocity, education, the importance of retaining Airmen and families, understanding family needs, social media, ethical considerations and the Exceptional Family Member Program, to name a few.     

The event included briefings from senior AMC leadership on topics ranging from the need to operate in contested environments, AMC’s role in supporting the NDS, ethics and discipline,  public engagement, modernization, readiness exercises, and Phoenix Spark, AMC’s innovation program, as well as the command’s future direction. The conference as a whole aimed to give leaders and their spouses a strategic and operational framework for achieving sustained mobility effects, providing warfighting options, and achieving objectives set forth in the NDS.

“It’s great that AMC is committed to not only talking about innovation, but also investing in the programs we care about,” said Col. Craig Harmon, 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing commander. 

From start to finish, Miller stressed the importance of a clear strategy, vision, and a unified approach to ensuring the Total Force, Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve,  advances the mobility mission set, and is prepared to Fly, Fight, and Win in any future environment. 

"As leaders, we need to move the mobility enterprise as far forward as we can,” said Miller. “We need to get after this. It's what we owe to our Airmen, the joint force, and what the nation deserves."