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Scott Airmen support Rodeo

MCCHORD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- Air Mobility Command's Mobility Rodeo 2009 officially started Sunday. However, members of the 375th Communications Support Squadron began preparations last September to support the Rodeo staff. 

The 375th CSPTS team created the Rodeo Web site, which is essential to every aspect of the event. 

"We saved a lot of people a lot of time," said Staff Sgt. David Carlson, 375th CSPTS application developer supervisor. "We especially helped keep the Rodeo afloat where funds were cut." 

Every participant, umpire and staff were required to register on the site. From the site, Team McChord was able to schedule lodging accommodations, reserve enough cars, make flightline badges and see everyone's check in and checkout times.
Now that Rodeo has begun, four Airmen from the 375th CSPTS were brought to McChord to continue assisting.
Mr. Gary Jung, 375th CSPTS section chief, said the group added four new features to the site, including a feature that allows the Combat Camera team to add pictures to the Web site. 

Master Sgt. Carlton Dodd said, "We've also created an application for schedulers so they can see all the air and ground schedules and create a chart." 

Other features on the site include schedules of events, calendars and scoreboards.
Senior Airman Billy Collins, 375th CSPTS, said the team worked hard and they were excited to visit McChord and see their work in action. 

"We sit at computers for eight or more hours a day, but rarely see the product," he said. "So coming here gave us a sense of accomplishment." 

Sergeant Dodd said it was good to see the excitement of the Air Force. 

"It is a good feeling to get to see the flightline and the pilots which is another part of the Air Force," he said. "Plus we get to see international air forces." 

Other 375th CSPTS Airmen who worked on the computer applications, but were unable to attend Rodeo include: David Haas, Staff Sgt. Matthew Huston, Airmen 1st Class Quentin Schmick and Dean Walker.