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Preparation key to succesful housing inspection

  • Published
  • By Hannah Hill
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing
With the PCS season here, many Team Scott families are preparing themselves for their housing inspection as a part of their outprocessing.

Kathy Howard, community manager for Scott Family Housing, oversees housing inspections for Scott Air Force Base housing areas and knows the do's and don'ts of preparing for inspections.

"The most important thing people can do is to not wait until the last minute to prepare for their inspection," said Ms. Howard.

Scott Family Housing offers a pre-inspection to show base housing residents what they are looking for when they inspect houses. All residents are told to make sure their houses are clean and their yards are properly maintained.

"In all fairness, would you want to move into something dirty and smelly?" Ms. Howard said. "Nobody deserves that, no matter what rank they are."

Residents must also clean out their trash cans and make sure their bulk trash is taken to the Self Help Center, said Ms. Howard. Yard waste and non-environmentally friendly items, such as cleaning agents, should never be thrown away with bulk trash.

"If people keep their house decently clean while they are in them, then the inspection will be easier," she said.

When it's time for the final inspection, all personal items and trash should be off the premises. All the lights and fans should be left on during the last inspection, and satellite dishes should be removed from the property.

Once the final inspection is finished, all house keys and garage remotes should be turned back over to housing.

As a final tip for smooth out processing from base housing, it's important to plan a move according to allotment payments, said Ms. Howard.

If a payment for the next month is due on the 1st, the member should try to move out before then so they don't have to pay the next month's rent. If the resident can't move out by their rent due date, she recommends paying cash for the amount of days the house will be occupied before the move. This will allow the resident to avoid waiting for a refund of the remaining month's rent for the month. Refunds can take up to two months, she said.

For example, if your rent is due on the first, but you can't move out until the 10th, pay for the first 10 days of the month in cash, instead of the full month.

For questions about a smooth move out of base housing, call Scott Family Housing at 746-4911.

Housing inspection checklist

1. Arrange and conduct a pre-inspection.
2. Write down pre-inspection results.
3. Clean
- Trash cans.
- Windows.
- Microwave, including the plate and rack.
- Inside and outside of cabinets and drawers.
- Clean interior and exterior of all kitchen appliances.
- Toilets, tubs, medicine cabinets and sinks.
- Floor surfaces and carpet.
4. Remove bulk trash, yard waste and satellite dish properly.
5. Make sure all keys and remotes are accounted for but, if not, get them replaced.
6. Bring a checkbook to final inspection.
7. Arrive on time for final inspection, pay for damages, and turn in keys and remotes.