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Scott AFB welcomes SNCO selects to highest enlisted tier


Scott Air Force base welcomed 103 Airmen into the top enlisted tier during the base's Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Induction Ceremony June 29 at the Regency Hotel in O’Fallon, Illinois.

The annual ceremony honors Scott NCOs who are entering the highest enlisted tier.

Friends, family, and co-workers cheered as the new inductees walked under a saber cordon to the stage to collect their promotion certificates from Col. Leslie Maher, 375th Air Mobility Wing commander and Chief Master Sgt. Charles Doan, interim command chief.

Tech. Sgt. Eric R. Charckon, 18th Air Force command chief executive assistant was one of the NCOs honored.

“Becoming a SNCO is not a small event,” he said. “We are humbled and privileged to join the final tier of the enlisted rank structure. It is important to me personally because it positions me to help my Airmen and postures me to assist in steering the organization in a positive direction. I anticipate that I will be asked to lead on more long term projects that require careful direction and team building considerations.”

For a week prior to the ceremony, the SNCO-selects attended a SNCO professional enhancement course to reinforce everything they have learned from basic training, technical training, and job experience.

Staff Sgt. Vanessa Acosta, First Term Airman Center NCOIC helped organize the event. She said the course acts as a stepping stone from NCO Academy to SNCO Academy.

“Some might think of it as a refresher course or they could be receiving new information or regulations, but it covers lessons from a SNCO perspective, as the selectees prepare to put on their next stripe,” said Acosta.

Master Sgt. Select Rhonnie L. Kolp, 18th Commander’s Action Group said she is also ready to join the next tier and anticipates a change in her leadership role.  

“Looking forward, I know I will be responsible for not only myself, but also for the actions, successes, and failures of an entire team,” said Kolp.  “As a master sergeant, I will have to lead by example. I will have to step outside of my comfort zone and ensure appropriate discipline is given when needed, all while remaining honest, open, and approachable. Not only do I have to know my job, but I have to know my people.”  

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Senior Airman Dylan Wertz
375th Communications Squadron

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