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Showcase Wing earns ‘Effective’ UEI rating

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- Scott Air Force Base underwent a Unit Effectiveness Inspection Oct. 16-23 to evaluate the 375th Air Mobility Wing and earned an overall “Effective” rating.

A UEI is the capstone event after a two-year continuous evaluation cycle that validates if the Commander’s Inspection Program is on-track and that commanders provided an honest assessment of their programs, according to Lt. Col. Paul Sortor, 375th Inspector General.

The Wing was not only found “Effective” in its overall rating, but also “Effective” in the four major graded areas of the UEI—Executing the mission, Managing Resources, Improving the Unit, and Leading People. In addition, there was a high number of individuals and teams that were identified for special recognition.

“The Showcase Wing has both a robust self-assessment program managed by units online (MICT) and an effective wing inspection program,” said Sortor. “The fact that the wing had zero critical or significant findings is noteworthy.”

Lt. Col. Todd Matson, 375th Air Mobility Wing director of staff said, “The UEI results largely validated that the unit commanders identified deficiencies through their continuous self-assessment programs and made the necessary corrective action plans.

“The UEI is also a chance for Air Mobility Command inspectors to identify areas units may not be detecting on their own.”

The overall goal of the Commander’s Inspection Program is to reduce and mitigate undetected non-compliance, and the UEI did highlight some minor deficiencies to correct as well as provide the wing with some recommended improvement areas.

Sortor explained, that “while we were able to highlight the awesome capabilities the Showcase Wing brings to the fight, that doesn’t mean we don’t have areas of improvement ... we do. This just means we have already identified most of our challenges and are working toward making the wing more effective to enable rapid global mobility.”

With the successes and new input that the base received during the UEI, there is a good reason to be excited for the future, he said.

“I am thankful we had the opportunity to host the Air Mobility Command Inspector General Team, to put a fresh set of eyes on our programs,” said Sortor.

“It provided us an opportunity to showcase what we do very well, while also providing a fresh perspective that challenges us to be better, and drive continuous process improvement across all four of our major graded areas,” added Sortor.