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Community Support


Base tours are offered to local civic organizations, schools, and youth groups to educate people about the U.S Air Force and Scott Air Force Base missions.

All tours may be cancelled at any time to meet mission requirements or due to heightened security measures. Confirmations will be provided two weeks before the tour date.

Tour groups must meet the following requirements:

Age: For safety reasons, all participants must be at least 14 years old.

Size: Tours are limited to a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 45 participants (or the passenger capability of one commercial bus). Requests to split the tours into two days for larger groups will not be accommodated.

Transportation: Organizations must provide their own transportation. Tours are limited to one bus load. Requests to use multiple vehicles cannot be accommodated.

Dates: Tours are only offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays on a first-requested, first-served basis.

Meals: Requests for lunch arrangements must be made, scheduled, and coordinated by the requestor. Go to Eats & Entertainment link at for meal options.

Mobility: Modified tours may be granted to those with limited mobility. However, this must be stated on the request. If not stated, it is assumed that walking and stair climbing is not an issue.

If your group meets the following criteria, please fill out the Base Tour Request Form and fax it to 618-256-8837 or mail it to 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs, Attn: Tour Request, 101 Heritage Drive, Scott AFB, Illinois 62225. 

REQUEST A SPEAKER (Speaker's Bureau)

The Scott Air Force Base Speakers Bureau provides its service members an opportunity to connect with the local community. Likewise, it gives community members a chance to learn more about the military and, more specifically, the base's missions.

Members of the Speakers Bureau are available to speak on a variety of topics such as Air Force career opportunities, aviation history, and leadership skills.

To request a speaker, please submit a Request Military Support (DD Form 2536) to the 375th Air Mobility Public Affairs Office (at fax 618-256-8837 or e-mail) no later than three weeks prior to the date of the event. 


The Scott Air Force Base Honor Guard is made up of an elite group of Air Force men and women, whose primary mission is the rendering of honors at military funerals.

The Honor Guard is also very active in community relations events, as their schedules permit. Examples of such events include sporting events, patriotic ceremonies and parades, and school flag presentations.

To request the Honor Guard, please submit Department of Defense Form 2536, to the 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs Office (at fax 618-256-8837 or via e-mail) no later than three weeks prior to the event date. 


Staffed by members of the United States Transportation Command, a joint-service honor guard may also provide support for local community relations events.

To request the joint-service honor guard submit the USTRANSCOM Color Guard Form to 


The military belongs to the American people. Common ownership dictates Department of Defense resources be committed to supporting events and activities of mutual interest and benefit.

However, limitations of time and money make it impossible to grant all requests. DOD and its subordinate agencies cannot do for one what it cannot do for all.

DOD policy prohibits: 

-- Endorsing and/or appearing to endorse a specific organization, product, or commercial service. 
-- Using military resources when such assets are reasonably available from commercial sources and where such support would be, in fact, perceived as unfair competition. 
-- Using military resources/personnel to increase sales, business traffic, or attendance. 
-- Using personnel outside military bases to act as guards, parking lot attendants, runners, messengers, or baggage handlers. 
-- Active-duty military participation in fund-raising activities, excluding the Combined Federal Campaign and military relief societies. 

For events which meet DOD support requirements, fill out a Support Request Form (DD Form 2536) and submit it to 375 AMW/PA (fax: 618-256-8837 or e-mail). 


Many service members actively volunteer on their off-duty time in a variety of charitable organizations, schools, and churches in their communities. Their participation, however, is strictly a personal choice and is not regulated by the Department of Defense.

Scott Air Force Base does not have a central location or bulletin board on base for posting flyers and/or informational materials that are designed to recruit volunteers. Requests to place announcements in the official base newspaper will not be granted. Requestors may, however, purchase ad space through the local publisher of the base newspaper. Call the publisher at 618-632-3643. 


For requests and information about the USAF Band of Mid America, visit their Web site.