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375th Communications Group

The 375th Communications Group supports the mission of the 375th Air Mobility Wing in its global reach mission by providing command, control, communications and computer support to DoD, USTRANSCOM, AMC, 18th Air Force, SDDC, AFNIC, three flying wings, 31 tenant units and direct support to the 618th Air and Space Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center) global mission.

The group consists of two squadrons and a direct-reporting flight with more than 600 military and civilian personnel who help direct, control and enhance the command and control capabilities for Scott AFB.

The two squadrons are 375th Communications Squadron and 375th Communications Support Squadron and the Plans and Resources Flight is a direct reporting flight.

The 375th Communications Squadron supports the mission by providing command, control, communications, and computer systems used by Scott Air Force Base and 31 tenant units. The 375th Communications Squadron is comprised of three flights:

-The Cyber Operations Flight, or SCO. SCO directs and controls communications network infrastructure management capabilities supporting Scott AFB and the AMC mission on Scott. SCO maintains all air traffic control and landing systems, ground radio, and base weather equipment, Military Strategic and Tactical Relay Satellite systems, secure communications systems, C2 circuits, base telephone switch and associated equipment, base telecommunications cable infrastructure, and all unclassified (NIPRNET) and classified (SIPRNET) data networks.

-The Cyber Support Flight, or SCP, directs and controls communications, computer and information management capabilities supporting the AMC and Joint mission on Scott AFB. One of the most visible portions of SCP is the Consolidated Client Support Technician's, or CST, cell and the Communications Focal Point, or CFP. The CFP provides level-one technical support for Scott AFB customers. The CFP is here to provide technical assistance ranging from network account access to identifying hardware malfunctions. The CFP provides land mobile radio and cellular telephone equipment management.

-The 618th AOC (TACC) IT Operations Support Section of SCP directs and controls communications and computer capabilities supporting the 618 AOC (TACC) mission.

The 375th Communications Support Squadron supports the 375th Air Mobility Wing in its global reach mission by providing, command, control, communications and computer support to DoD, USTRANSCOM, AMC, 18th AF and ports worldwide. The squadron is comprised of five flights:

-The Information Assurance, or SCC, Flight manages and administers the COMSEC and EMSEC programs for AMC while also providing guidance and direction to AMC on certification and accreditation of information systems and networks. The flight manages and administers the COMPUSEC program for all Scott organizations with connectivity to the Scott Metropolitan Area Network.

-The Software Engineering, or SCE Flight develops software applications for AMC customers that speed decision making and get personnel and cargo to their destination more rapidly.

-The Mobility Operations, or SCO, Flight provides world class operation and maintenance support for command and control and transportation systems used by USTRANSCOM, AMC and the 618th AOC (TACC) to accomplish their worldwide mission.

-The MAJCOM/Air Force Forces Communications Coordination Center, or M/ACCC, (SCM) Flight provides 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week command and control of AMC's network encompassing 12 bases, 18 C2 systems in more than 150 locations and critical assets throughout the world in support of AMC's global mission. They serve as the single communications coordination focal point for all of AMC.

-The Software Verification, or SCV, Flight provides quality assurance testing for all systems and software that is developed in 375 CSPTS.

The Plans and Resources Flight enables combat power by managing the application, acquisition and implementation of C4 requirements. They manage all budget requirements, plans and execution for the group. They also maintain and develop plans for training, security strategy and the deployment process for all group personnel.