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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office serves as the single point of accountability for Department of Defense sexual assault policy.

The Department of Defense does not tolerate sexual assault and has implemented a comprehensive policy that reinforces a culture of prevention, response and accountability that ensures the safety, dignity and well-being of all members of the armed forces. Scott leaders at all levels--military and civilian--are committed to maintaining a workplace environment that rejects sexual assault and attitudes that promote such behaviors.

The Scott SAPR office offers guidance and support for victims of sexual assault, unit commanders, first responders and those who wish to prevent or respond to sexual assault crimes.

Newcomers to Scott will receive a SAPR briefing that addresses confidentiality, reporting procedures and other elements of DoD's sexual assault policy as well as training information, safety tips and resources. Members are also required to attend Sexual Assault Bystander Intervention training. This training is mandatory for active duty Air Force personnel to include DoD civilians who supervise active duty Air Force. This training is required to be completed only once in a career. Training is offered at the Education and Training Bldg 1650 Rm 98. If you have not completed this mandatory training requirement, please log on to the link below to register. Leader classes are for O-6 and above, Commanders, Directors, CMSgt's, and First Sergeants. Contact Pamela Dorsey at 256-4196 if you have any questions.

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office is committed to ensuring quality of life for victims of crimes of sexual assault (SA). This is a DoD Wide program that offers Restricted Reporting where the victims confidentiality is maintained and there is NO investigation OR, Unrestricted Reporting where the SA case is investigated by law enforcement agencies.

The SARC office also assigns a Victim Advocate who is trained to support the victim by providing referral information about on-base and off-base helping agency services, to include medical, legal and crisis intervention.

Call for HELP!

Suicide & Crisis Intervention Center (618) 397-0963

Sexual Assault HOTLINE (618) 256-SARC (7272)

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Office
Location: Bldg P-3 Suite 15 (Wing Bldg Basement)
HELPLINE 24/7: 256-SARC (7272)
On-Call Advocate cell: 618-210-6420
SARC cell: 618-402-4803!/ScottSARC1?fref=pb