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Plans, Programs and Readiness

The 375th AMW Plans, Programs and Readiness office provides 375th AMW senior leaders independent assessments of mission capability. They recommend improvements to existing processes, policies and programs for fulfilling exercise, peacetime, contingency and wartime missions; obtain feedback, identify shortfalls, benchmark and take action to improve warfighting skills and combat readiness of deployable forces.

XP personnel manage and monitor all wing plans, including higher headquarters plans, locally developed and/or directed supplements to higher headquarter plans and plans based on local requirements. Furthermore, XP personnel manage many important programs that directly support the warfighter mission such as the Operations Security (OPSEC) program, the Readiness Reporting program, and the Continuity of Operations (COOP) program.

During contingencies and emergencies, XP personnel provide direct support to the Wing senior leadership through management and operation of the Crisis Action Team (CAT) ensuring mission continuity, and consolidated military command and control through any situation.

XP staff are the primary point of coordination for any special missions or support needed by visiting foreign aircraft.

They also provide guidance to base agencies, host services for international treaty inspection teams ensuring compliance with treaty protocols and ensuring minimum impact from impending Arms Control Treaties by providing effective management of the Treaty Compliance Program.