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375th Operations Group

The 375th Operations Group is a diverse group of over 500 military, civilian, and contract personnel in six squadrons and one Detachment, located at three different locations within the U.S. The primary missions of the group is to provide aeromedical evacuation, aeromedical evacuation training, executive and operational support airlift, flight inspection, and air refueling of critical DoD assets. The Group’s medical personnel provide rapid aeromedical evacuation support for stateside and/or worldwide contingencies on six different mobility aircraft, in addition to conducting initial qualification training to aeromedical evacuation personnel. The group's two Total Force Integration squadrons conduct Executive Airlift with four AFRC-owned C-40C aircraft and air refueling with eight ANG-owned KC-135R aircraft. The group also provides CONUS/OCONUS operational support airlift to priority passengers from Scott AFB and one overseas deployed location with its 14 C-21A aircraft. In coordination with the DoD and FAA, the group is also responsible for the delivery of worldwide combatant commander contingency flight inspection jointly with the FAA. Finally, the group has responsibility for all airfield operations and management, including air traffic control of the shared-use Scott AFB/Mid America Airport called home by three flying wings.

The 375th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron provides rapid response aeromedical evacuation capability for any contingency. The unit trains, mobilizes, and deploys nearly 150 members to support the Theater Aeromedical Evacuation System conducting aeromedical evacuation missions aboard C-21A, C-17A, C-130E/H/J, KC-46 and KC-135R aircraft. The 375th AES provides command and control over the 775th Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Flight executing CONUS patient redistribution of our nation's wounded warriors. The 775th EAEF is comprised of a command element, AE crews, and crew support here at Scott as well as AE crews and crew support at three other operating locations at Joint Base Andrews, MD, Dover AFB, DE and Travis AFB, CA. The 375th AES most recently piloted the new Passenger Medical Augmentation Personnel (PMAP) concept during Operation ALLIES REFUGE and ALLIES WELCOME while coordinating and providing medical support for 13K refugees.

The 375th Aeromedical Evacuation Training Squadron provides initial qualification, flight instructor qualification, and requalification training for 31 total force aeromedical evacuation squadrons and command positions worldwide.  Collocated with the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) at Wright Patterson AFB, OH, the unit’s 39 members train and certify up to 200 aeromedical evacuation students annually.
The 54th Airlift Squadron partners with the 932d Airlift Wing as one of the first-ever AMC/AFRC active associate squadrons under the Total Force Integration model. The squadron flies four specially configured C-40C aircraft on Special Air Missions as directed by HQ USAF to transport members of the Presidential Cabinet and Congress, foreign heads of state, and other dignitaries executing global missions vital to US national security.

The 458th Airlift Squadrons collectively operate 14 C-21A aircraft out of Scott AFB, IL and one forward deployed location. They provide first-class Operational Support Airlift and Aeromedical Evacuation with time, place and/or mission-sensitive requirements both at home and while deployed in steadfast support of our Expeditionary Air Force.

The 375th Operations Group, Detachment 1 located at Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma operates the FAA's fleet of six Challenger 600-series aircraft. Its Combat Flight Inspection mission supports the core competency of global reach and power through contingency flight inspection of airfield navigation and instrument landing systems, radars, and instrument procedures.

The 906th Air Refueling Squadron is an Active Association in partnership with the Illinois National Guard's 126th Air Refueling Wing. The unit leads fully integrated maintenance, planning, and flying operations to execute worldwide air refueling missions on eight KC-135R aircraft.

The 375th Operations Support Squadron is the wing's executive agent for airfield operations. They are globally engaged providing world-class weather services, air traffic control, and shared use airfield management, transient aircraft support, survival and aerospace ground equipment maintenance, life support, C-21A aircrew training and scheduling, and flight records management to meet national objectives.