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375th AES Simulation Based Training Opportunities

Building Partnerships through Simulation-Based Training Opportunities

What We Offer

Education Opportunities: A Non-Federal Aviation Association equivalent certification on C-130H Fuselage Trainer. Certified for use in the following the Ground Training Events, Aircrew Flight Equipment Training Events, Proficiency Training Events & Mission Specific Training Events as outlined in AFI 11-2AEV1, Aeromedical Evacuation Aircrew Training, Chapter 7.

G932 AECM C-130 AC Training

LL03A C-130 Egress

LL05 Egress Training with ACDE

P280 Aircrew Chemical Defense Task

M222 Electrical Systems

M221 Oxygen Systems

M223 Communication Systems

M225 Aircraft Litter Configuration

M226 Floor load Litter Configuration

M312 Fuselage Fire/Smoke & Fumes Elimination

M311 Rapid Decompression

M313 Fuselage Fire/Smoke & Fumes Elimination

M343 Abdominal & Genitourinary Emergencies

M313 Emergency Landing/Ditching

M344 Orthopedic & Vascular Emergencies

M314 Door Warning Light Illuminated in Flight

M345 Burn Trauma

M331 Cardiac/Respiratory Emergencies

M350 Pain Management

M332 Neuro Emergencies

M351 Psych Management

M333 Medical Emergencies

M352 Pediatric Management

M341 Maxillofacial/Neck & Eye

M353 Acceptance/Transfer of Medical Care

M342 Thoracic Trauma


Simulated Training Platforms 

Our Simulation Center has two state-of-the-art, certified aircraft training platforms that offer Aeromedical  Evacuation Crew Members:

· Exposure, practical experience, and opportunity to test clinical scenarios

· Chance to focus on patient safety in a safe, simulated environment

· Ability to enhance clinical skills with tailored range of difficulty

· Opportunity to demonstrate clinical and aircrew competency

· Crew Resource Management/communication training

Hands-on aircraft configuration practice Continuing Education Units (CEUs) including CMRP: 3 hrs, QTP: 9, and EMT Refresher CEUs:

KC-135 Cargo Compartment Trainer (CCT)

Certified in 2016, our CCT is modeled after a KC-135 and allows AECMs to accomplish clinically-focused training and M-coded events, which may be credited during the mission as outlined in center-specific certification letters. 

C-130 Fuselage Trainer (FuT)

Certified in 2017, our FuT is used for ground, proficiency, aircrew flight equipment, and other mission-specific training events to include AE set-up, patient loading/offloading, aircraft egress, and various simulated flight emergencies (rapid decompression, smoke and fumes, and fire/explosion response).

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Super User Training

Designated as AMC’s EHR Pilot Unit in 2017, we offer classroom education & active training for your teams to use the EHR via practice scenarios in a group setting. You will also be issued  EHR Equipment.







Approximate M-Code

per AECM


EHR Didactic



3 hrs



EHR w/Simulation

Sim Lab



3-5 M-Codes


EHR w/Static ARM




All except F-900


EHR Inventory

Equipment Room


1.5 hrs


Contact Clinical Management today at
DSN 576-9383 or commercial 618-256-9383 for more information and to
secure your team’s training opportunities in our
Center of Excellence!
Please provide 2 weeks’ notice

375th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
603 South Drive, Bldg 67
Scott AFB, Illinois 62225
Phone: 618-256-9314
DSN 576-9314
After Hours POC: Capt Crystal Love: 210-330-4429