Wing inspection set for Oct. 16-23

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- Air Mobility Command Inspector General will conduct the bi-annual Unit Effectiveness Inspection of the 375th Air Mobility Wing from Oct. 16-23 at Scott.

The UEI is an external, continual evaluation of wing performance based on the four major graded areas: Executing the mission, managing resources, improving the unit, and leading people.

The UEI is not focused on detecting shop-level non-compliance but is instead focused on identifying areas where the risk from undetected non-compliance are greatest—helping the wing commander identify blind spots and poorly focused sensors in their inspection program.

“The functional managers of each community have developed Self-Assessment Checklists based on AFI and other guidance that state ‘as a minimum, this is what needs to be done,’” said Lt. Col. Paul Sortor, 375th AMW IG.

“The whole process starts in the unit when the unit conducts a self-assessment about every six months, or as needed, based on the SACs to self-identify areas of non-compliance and opportunities to improve.

“The unit will develop effective, long-term corrective action plans to reduce risk to the mission and get within compliance. But, again, the SAC is just the minimum.”

Under the Air Force Inspection System, commanders are responsible for ensuring a self-assessment is performed with the use of the online Management Internal Control Toolset.

The information given to the 375th AMW IG from MICT provides critical data about compliance of policy, training, manpower, funds, equipment, facilities and other focus areas. The wing IG validates and verifies the self-assessment program is accurate and relevant focusing on detecting non-compliance and measuring effectiveness. Higher headquarters (AMC) then looks for undetected non-compliance the wing IG did not catch, using the UEI as the capstone event.

“Because the inspectors have conducted inspections across the command, they can identify problems areas that several units have and establish if our wing is having similar issues,” said Charley Mills, 375th AMW IG, director of inspections.

“This is a continual process,” said Mills.

“The MAJCOM IG already knows what issues we have identified in MICT, and they already know what issues have been identified by the IG evaluation management system. They do a review of every program within the command. If they notice a trend, they can take this information back to the functional managers at higher headquarters who can then work on it and produce potential solutions to institutionalize across the enterprise.”

Mona Bonick, 375th AMW IG deputy director of inspections, said Airmen across Scott should not prepare for the inspection but, instead, stay prepared for their mission.

“You should be mission ready 365 days out of the year,” said Bonick.

“If you have a deficiency either self or wing identified, have it ready for the inspectors because what they’re looking for is your effective corrective action plan that not only identifies the root-cause and remedies but also has ‘countermeasures’ to prevent re-occurrences.”