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Women's History Month; Katie Thaxton Lends a Helping Hand

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Madeline Baisey
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

All Airmen need someone to rely on when they are in need, whether it be helping a wingman get resources when in a time of struggle, or having someone to talk to when they feel unsafe.

Scott Air Force Bases Violence Prevention Integrator Katie Thaxton ensures all of these resources are available to all Scott personnel at a seconds notice.

“We focus primarily on  prevention, which is getting after issues before they actually become issues,” Thaxton explains about her position. “In the violence prevention world, we focus on interpersonal violence, as well as self-inflicted violence.”

She is a mom to two children, and has her masters in Social Work. Before her position at Scott, she was a military and family life counselor.

Thaxton considers herself a people person, and loves talking in front of others. Her favorite part of her job is making connections with the people she is able to meet. 

Her goal at work is to provide people with what they need, preferring to meet with units in person to give training, and providing service members verbally with resources.  

She relates her past experiences, learning from Airmen at Scott and a few overseas missions she has been on to expand her opinions and knowledge on people, making what is best for them her top priority. Learning takes precedence in her life as well.

“We should always be lifelong learners, and we should use every opportunity that we have to grow and learn," she explains. “Be a sponge in the sense of observing how other people are interacting, just always taking in information and understanding that you never know everything.”

The advice Katie would give other women during Women’s History Month is to never be afraid, take calculated risks, as nothing will happen if you don’t go for it and try.

“Build your confidence by doing things you're afraid of.”