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Q&A pt. XIII: Mission, Personnel, Facilities, LGBT Issues, and Miscellaneous

  • Published
  • By Col. Laura Lenderman
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing commander
Last week, I ran the 12th in a series of "Q&A" articles, which are in response to questions asked during my last Commander's Call.

This is the 13th article in the series. I've posted the responses to all of the questions on a Sharepoint site and on our public website,, for future access and review. Please keep the questions coming.


Will Air Mobility Command or 618th Air Operations Center (TACC) ever stand up an Air Communication Squadron instead of the Wing establishing Memorandum of Agreements?

There are varying opinions about the need for an ACOMS unit to support the 618th AOC. Based on the research and decision outcomes in 2014/2015, there are no plans or additional manpower available to establish an ACOMS to support the 618 AOC. The 375th Communications Group, utilizing the technical skills of both the 375th Communications Squadron and the 375th Communications Support Squadron, offer a greater technical capability and surge capacity than could be created in a stand-alone ACOMS.


We work 6 days a week, holidays, weekends etc. We need to volunteer, go to school, and accomplish additional duties. What can we do to alleviate some of this?

In terms of additional duties, leadership, from AMC to our squadrons, is reviewing all additional duties, ancillary and computer-based training.

We are looking for areas where we can compress, re-align, or remove some requirements, freeing more individual time.

This has been a significant focus of our Continuous Process Improvement efforts. It's an area that is really gaining traction, so I hope to announce some substantive changes soon.

Regarding education, continuing education is absolutely important in the Air Force, and you'd find it equally encouraged in careers in the civilian sector. Volunteering is certainly applauded, but it should not come at the expense of your primary job or personal well-being. The volunteer experience should boost your sense of giving back to those less fortunate and help show community support for those who have been supportive of Scott AFB.

In regards to the long work week, my group commanders have told me they know of no one who is routinely working 6-day weeks. Please contact me directly if this situation describes your work week.


Will Cardinal Creek be the main installation gate within two years after new exit is finished? Will Shiloh gate close?

We have an engineered plan awaiting the authority to fund a new gate on the northeast side of the base, which we believe we will formally name MidAmerica Gate.

Currently, we are moving forward in a phased approach. Inside the fence line, we have plans to widen the Cardinal Creek Road to two lanes in each direction with a center median which would also contain a center turn lane. We have been asking for Congressional authorization to fund this, and we hope to receive authorization and funding this fiscal year. Outside the fence, we have a plan to add a new passenger and commercial gate.

The infrastructure would also include additional Force Protection consideration and apparatus built into the project.

We are also working with our local legislature to ensure the new interstate exchange has sufficient road connectivity to our planned gate expansion.

Given the population growth on the northeast side of the base, particularly with the new Defense Information Systems Agency facility, we believe a new gate will help better distribute our automobile population who will utilize the new Reider Road exit.

Once we begin constructing this new gate, we can ask for additional funding for security forces personnel to man the gate. Only if that funding does not come to fruition would it be necessary to close one of the other gates.

Can we use budget money for an indoor pool? It would benefit the base population and aircrew with water survival currency requirements.

Although we would love to have a covered pool, at this time, it is simply cost prohibitive. Although it is on our dream sheet, we have other areas that need our most immediate current investment.

For our housing residents, don't forget you can take advantage of the two free available indoor pools on the installation provided by our privatized Housing partners in both Lincoln's Landing and Patriot's Landing Community Centers.

The parking situation across the base is terrible, most lots are old and falling apart. Could they be replaced with parking garages? Are the lines in the Exchange parking lot going to be repainted?

Last summer and fall we invested heavily in asphalt and pavement repairs across the installation.

There are still a few areas on the list like the Exchange and Airmen and Family Readiness Center that we know need attention. We hope to get to them as soon as funding is available. As far as a parking garage ... for reasons including initial costs, maintenance, Force Protection concerns, and available land, we are not considering a multi-level parking structure at this time.


Are LGBT issues an issue in the wing? And what would you do to make the wing more LGBT-inclusive?

I have been very impressed with the way people at Team Scott treat each other ... with dignity and respect. Inclusiveness is a part of great team work, and it shows here at Scott. Currently, no LGBT issues have been raised at the wing level. However, if you have witnessed any or have concerns, please let me know.

We'll be highlighting our LGBT community during June's Pride Month which will provide everyone a chance to better understand issues within the LGBT community.


New wing video was awesome ... great job Public Affairs. Where can we get a copy? I want to show my family.

I'm glad you like it! We added a link to the mission video on our wing EIM page. Just click on the mission video button.

Is it possible to add the Official Mail Center to that video? We work hard every day too.

Yes, you do. Thank you for being proud of the work you do in the Official Mail Center. We attempted to showcase as many Airmen as possible across our diverse Wing, but we know there are many more Airmen we need to highlight.

The video is a living product, and we'll periodically update to capture more of our mission sets. I'm certainly proud of you and hope to include you and your team in future opportunities to highlight our professional Airmen.

Is there an air show scheduled for this year?

We'll be celebrating the base's 100th Anniversary throughout 2017.

In conjunction with that celebration, we are organizing our first Air Show in five years to be held June 10-11, 2017.

It will be an exciting event for Team Scott and our surrounding communities who support us so well.

The Air Force Thunderbirds will headline the event, many other flying demonstration acts will perform, and a wide variety of aircraft will be on display. Save the date.

Any big changes of command this summer?

The 375th AMW will have a multitude of changes of command this summer, to include the 375th Mission Support Group commander and numerous squadron commanders. Team Scott will also be supporting the change of command for the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command June 16.